US Tax Advisory International (Pte) Ltd provides a comprehensive range of tax services for American taxpayers, for American-owned businesses, and for foreigners investing in the United States.

Individual services include: (1) federal and state income tax preparation, e-filing, and information reporting; and (2) tax planning and advice with regards to compensation, investment, marriage, divorce, children, retirement, estate and gift tax, and expatriation.

Business services include: (1) tax planning and advice on initial structuring, reorganizations, acquisitions and dispositions, and cross border financing; (2) tax efficiency and compliance reviews; (3) tax ruling applications; and (4) government lobbying.

US Tax Advisory International is headed by Lora Wilkinson. Lora is a US tax lawyer with over 20 years of international tax experience. A graduate of Stanford (B.Sc.) and Columbia (J.D.,  M.Sc.) Universities, Lora has worked previously in the tax departments of Wall Street law firms and Fortune 500 companies. She has extensive tax experience in banking and finance, oil and gas, and in the pharmaceutical, nutritional and consumer goods industries.